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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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condition, coming up. and what fire investigators think happened during the fire to catch those firefighters off guard. plus, the man made famous for allegedly stealing a mac book gets ready to appear in court. hopefully has his shirt on this time. live look outside this morning. bay bridge. it is friday, june 3rd. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. let's check the forecast with christina. >> good morning, to you. finally a friday. we're going to get a pretty dry break for most of the bay area throughout the day today. the big story comes in this weekend. we've got a big weather system on the way capable of dumping inches of rain. even in the south bay. we'll let you know why. and when we think this system is finally going to clear as we head throughout the morning hours. i've been watching it for the past probably 48 hours, very closely.
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of i feel like i've got a pretty good grasp on it. let's gets you a good grasp on your drive. >> all right. hoping for no problems this friday, but you never know, things happen. highway 4, eastbound, still the closure. but westbound over at hillcrest, we did have a couple lanes blocked until a few minutes ago. in fact, that eastbound full closure should be picked up in the next couple minutes, as well. before 5:00, trying to get out of town early, you and the construction workers working early, at the deserve that. a live look at the golden gate bridge, smooth drive. the cones have been moved, so a smooth drive, but watch for the rain. we'll be watching, as well. thank you very much. 5:01 right now. a san francisco firefighter is battling for his life this morning, while one of his partners, fire department veteran firefighter killed in the line of duty last night. they were overtaken by a wall of flames while fighting a fire in the diamond heights neighborhood yesterday. today in the bay's christie smith is live in san francisco. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this is an unbelievably tough
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time for the san francisco fire department. as you said, on the one hand, grieving for a firefighter they all loved, but they're also pulling for another one who is still here this morning at san francisco general hospital. and this has touched people across the city, just maybe 20 minutes ago i saw a university police officer who said he just had to drive over here and check on the status of the firefighter who is still here this morning. even if just to ask us reporters who are standing out here as the word spreads. yesterday, san francisco firefighters in mourning, lined up at sf general with police and city leaders to pay respects to lieutenant vincent perez. they were stunned and emotional as the medical examiner took the 48-year-old's body away. now, perez had been a marine and a sheriff's deputy, a san francisco native. he and two other firefighters got into trouble yesterday in a house fire in a flashover, an unexpected explosion with heat estimated at 1,000 degrees.
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now, 53-year-old anthony valerio is still in critical condition. his brother says he has burns over 12% of his body, and the fire he says damaged his mask. and doctors are worried about his lungs. >> they're desperately trying to stabilize him and hopefully get some kind of response from him. but they have done something to him to keep him so he doesn't move. so -- to help his lungs. because if he starts moving a little bit, it will -- it will damage what they're trying to do with helping him breathe. >> reporter: now, a third firefighter was treated and released for minor burns and smoke inhalation. joanne hayes-white saying the department is like family, and speaking of the fallen firefighter, we lost a member of our family in this fire. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> very tragic. thank you, christie. this morning, fire investigators are still combing through the scene of the fire,
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trying to find out exactly what happened. but they think the firefighters encountered a flashover. that's when there is a sudden ignition and the room bursts into flames, creating temperatures of 1,000 degrees or more. experts say when a firefighter is caught up in something like that, it will lead to significant injuries or even death. one expert we talked to said with protective gear, safety gear, it's difficult for a firefighter to realize they are actually in a dangerous situation until it is too late. this is a live look at the scene right now of the fire, where it remains an investigative site this morning. 5:04. this morning, the head of san francisco nonprofit group that works with kids faces charges of possessing child pornography. the fbi says joseph norris had 600 images of kids on his home computer. norris founded kidsserve youth murals and currently the nonprofits director. in the complaint file against
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him, he admitted to downloading such images for about ten years. if convicted, norris could face ten years in prison. a court appearance today for the man caught with a stolen laptop after he was tracked down with security software. oakland police say 27-year-old mfufana albadashi was caught stealing an apple mac book thanks to a software application called hidden installed in the computer. the owner of the mac book, joshua coughman was able to track its movements. he blogged about the theft and posted photos of the suspects, all leading to him. 5:05. the chevy volt is a hot commodity right now and looks like some dealers are taking advantage of anyone who wants one. "l.a. times" reports several deeperships are pricing new volts as much as $20,000 over the suggested retail price of $41,000. and others are selling new vehicles as used and taking the $7500 tax credit for themselves. that leaves buyers out in the
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cold for the credit. gm and regulators say there isn't much they can do about it. dealers are independent franchises, and they can set their own prices. for the rest of your news before the bell this friday morning, we turn to nicole lapin, live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, laura. happy jobs friday to you. futures are lower ahead of the biggest report of the week of the day of the month. may jobs report. job growth likely, as the impact of japan's earthquake sapped up strength from the u.s. economy. employers adding 160,000 new jobs, but that's the smallest since january. although some economists are saying the number could be much less. so we're really holding our breath there. unemployment is seen ticking down to 8.9%. u.s. stocks closed mixed on thursday, right ahead of the report. the dow falling, just to recap, 41 points, 12,248 is where we
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closed there. the nasdaq composite added 4 to 2773. and sony may be the victim of hackers yet again. a group claims to have infiltrated sony pictures, compromising e-mail addresses and passwords of more than 1 million user accounts. the group, by the way, is the same one that hacked into pbs's website last week, basically posting a fake story that rapper tupac sha cure is still alive and well in new zealand, apparently. not the case. also, groupon looking to follow in the footsteps of linkedin. filing for an ipo that could possibly value the company as as much as $20 billion. groupon was founded just two-and-a-half years ago, has grown at a rapid pace, as we well know. sales are surging, but under the circumstance unprofitable. groupon is spending a fortune to fuel growth, not unlike, though, you may remember the days of another one-time web sensation right around the corner from you guys, amazon. so a lot of people are saying there is a little bit of dejavu to the go-go days of the tech bubble.
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>> are you a groupon user? >> not yet. but remember, we were talking about this yesterday, they were coming up with a deal with expedia to get some travel. so they're hoping that it could give you 50% off travel there. but you have to plan ahead. of you're very good at that. you have to give me some tips with a big old family, you have to plan ahead. >> ultra organized is what it takes. >> you are queen anchor extraordinaire. >> i don't know about that part. >> super anchor. >> i don't know about that part. hey, thanks so much. we'll check in with you later. 5:08 right now. also want to check with christina loren, because she is closely -- always, really, watching the forecast. >> oh, thank you. you know, models aren't in agreement, but i agree with nicole, you are the queen! >> okay, who do i owe something to today? this is fan tab allows. >> yes, we'll celebrate with crumb pets after this. things looking good. clouds come in ahead of a strong system developing right now. take a look at this. i'm going to zoom out. actually, i'm going to zoom in first and show you the clouds over the east bay this morning.
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when i zoom out and show you where the system is, though, it is unbelievable how big it is, how juicy it is. and it just keeps having more and more moisture wrap around it as time goes on. so we're in for a pretty wild ride. starting this afternoon. i think that we're going to stay mostly dry, though, all the way through noon today. and then the showers arrive, heavy rain tonight through saturday. all day saturday, you probably want to make indoor plans with the heavy rain on the way. and sunday, a few showers early. the thunderstorms are going to be the bigger concern for your summed. so let me step out of the way, set in motion at noon today, front moves in, steady rain all night long, all the way throughout your saturday, even heavier pockets down in the south bay. and as we continue to run this time lapse for you, you can see here as we head through sunday, a few showers early, and then look what happens as we head through the end of the day. take a look at what develops. yeah, pretty strong thunderstorms definitely possible. you see that just north of santa rosa. we'll talk about when this is expected, because it is, coming
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up. back to you, mike. >> she knows when. you know, christina, you and nicole -- haven't been working with laura as long as i have. she's okay. no, she's great. 101 -- burst that bubble. we see some sudden slowing. over the last 15 minutes, speeds have dipped down into the 20s there at the off-ramp. likely construction movement -- construction equipment moving. i'll track that. shouldn't be a problem. i'll catch that carefully, as well as southbound 880 at dixon landing road. car went off the roadway and underneath chainlink fencing. no roads blocked. we'll watch that. a live look, sunol, very light volume of traffic northbound with the headlights past the truck scales, as well. a good flow heading into or out of the dublin interchange coming through livermore, a 14-minute drive. construction remains at al costo north through san ramon and redgear and sycamore valley road. 680 moves smoothly through the
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walnut creek interchange. laura, back to you. >> okay, and lastly. >> you're great! >> early in the show. 5:10. the governor pays a visit to silicon valley today to talk with some top business leaders. and the hearing today that will determine if there will be a football season in sep a s ne about 1/5 of americans are unfit for the roadways. what does that mean? we'll have details in a live report. act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage coant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ]
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welcome back, everyone. 5:13 right now. a new study out this morning is raising questions about road safety, and unqualified drivers. the study finds nearly 1 in 5 american drivers are unfit for the roadways. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington. good morning, tracie.
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>> hi, laura, good morning, everyone. take a look around when driving today, because according to gmac's national drivers test, one out of every five drivers couldn't get their license again if they tried. that amounts to 37 million people who are currently on the roads now. the average score for this test is up about a point and a half. but there was some concerning results, like 85% who didn't know what to do when approaching a yellow light. overall, men scored better than women, older drivers scored better, and the best scores were in the midwest. so how did california drivers do? the average out of 100 was 76.8, not bad. 70 was a passing score. california ranks 33rd among all states. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts for "today in the bay." >> interesting. we don't like to be average around here. we better bump it up to be above average thank you. still no verdict in the trial of the men accused of
5:15 am
killing chauncey bail hey. the jury will resume monday. they're recessed today. prosecutors say the murder was ordered to stop the journalist from publishing an unflattering article about your black muslim bakery, bay's business. antoine macke is accused of taking part in bailey's murder. this morning, governor brown is on his way to the south bay for the first time since becoming governor. brown will meet with a group of silicon valley ceos today to discuss the state budget. officials with the silicon valley leadership group say they will have lunch with the governor in san jose. it is a private lunch, posted by netflix founder and ceo reid hastings. in addition to the budget, the group is expected to discuss government reform, education and the state's business climate. supporters of oakland libraries are protesting major cuts to funding with a mock funeral. they say if the cuts are allowed, the buildings would be closed, like silent tombs. so tonight they'll march through
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the city in a mock funeral pro creation. the city plans to close 14 branch to say save money. four other branches will be open with limited services. tonight's protest starts at 7:00 at the intersection of 20th and broadway. . the sierra snow melt is making for amazing pictures at yosemite. we talked about this earlier this week. the water falls, they're just thunderous this time of year, with all that extra water. one park ranger says it's especially impressive. but the water is expected to go back to a slow trickle -- i don't know about a trickle, but august. drip, drip, drip. i could you tell that. simply gorgeous. want to check the forecast. more rain headed our way. that's why i don't think the trickle is in the works. >> no, we wake up to drip, drip, drip saturday morning. a lot of rain as early as this afternoon. the front has arrived, but the
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low pressure system, that is what is going to cause ruckus as we head through saturday, sunday, maybe even monday. as you can see, pretty cloud conditions now along the peninsula pushing into the east bay, and even over the north bay. even the south bay getting it now. as i zoom out, here it is. take a look at this monster and just how juicy it is for this time of year. this is a january setup, where we see the jet stream in january. you can see it's taking the track all the way into southern california. this is what we're expecting for this system. as we head through probably saturday night into sundays, it's really going to start to push to the south. and then it's going to set up right off the coast of the bay area and turn stationary, which means it's just going to sit here and spin. and potentially dump rain over the coastline for hours on hours on hours. even thunderstorms associated with a lot of instability. this is a big system, heavy rain expected. friday p.m. through sunday a.m. and you can see here from your seven day, we're even talking about rain. not just light showers, rain,
5:18 am
early monday, finally. tuesday, wednesday into thursday, we'll see sunshine come back out and finally get a chance to dry out, but yeah, pretty -- >> you're scaring me. hours and hours. all right. >> it's a juicy one. >> hey, christine, i know you're a baseball fan, about football. but the future of the 2011 season now in the hands of three judges on the u.s. court of appeals. the judges will hear oral arguments from the players' union and the owners today in a st. louis, missouri courtroom. neither side has been able to come to terms on that new collective bargaining agreement leading to an extended lockout. the judges will likely make a decision on the lockout within next month. just let me know, so i can fire up the chicken wings, if need be. the big budget summer flicks are starting to pour out. ♪ >> this is like any other muscle in the body. you can control it. >> after 11 years and cashing in more than $1 billion at the box office, "x-men" makes its way
5:19 am
back into the theatres. the series, which hit theatres in the year 2000 travels back to the 1960s when the first "x-men" comic book came out. "first class" takes place during the high of the cold war and enavails the beginning of the saga. "x-men" first class owns today, rated pg-13. 5:19 now. why you may not have to make a trip to the dmv. the next time you register your car. >> but you do have to head to the dmv to get your license as we drive south on 101. there is stanford university, a concert ght,he g group called "further." the rain is coming in, you'll see the effects in your commute, as well as the slow down i've been following in the south bay.
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. welcome back, everyone. a live look outside at the
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beautiful bay bridge. look at that. barge going underneath there. probably headed to the port of oakland. they see a lot of things coming and going from there. it's 5:21 right now. an east bay man will receive the highest award given by france today. robert vannenetter is a world war ii para trooper, selected by the french government to receive the french legion of honor for his participation in the normed normandy invasion. he jumped with the 507th infantry regiment, one of the first americans to set foot on german soil. the ceremony will be held in san francisco. quite an honor. all-new cars in california could soon be registered electronically. the state assembly approved a bill that would require all new vehicles to be registered online. right now more than half are still registered by paper.
5:23 am
the move would cut down on the time it would take to get those new license plates. of the state senate still needs to approve that bill. parking in downtown san jose could be more expensive starting next month. the san jose city council is planning to raise rates between 25 and 33% at 5 of the city's public garage. the plan also calls for parking fees on weekends and holidays, something that's actually been free right now. the council will vote on the plan on june 14th. if it's approved, the new rates would take effect on july 1st. i know a lot of business owners not happy about that. we'll see where it goes and keep tabs on it for you. all right. let's keep tabs on the morning commute, as well. >> good morning. the south bay, slowing at 66th, better news on the right. speeds down into the 20s and you were seeing the slow downs, the all cleared, likely some
5:24 am
construction equipment moving from the area. further north out of fremont, southbound 880 at dixon landing road, a car went off the road into some fencing. a tow truck should be arriving. so far no lanes blocked. might have the slow lane blocked in a few minutes. we'll look further through the area and go towards hayward, smooth drive on to the san mateo bridge, highway 92. and there you see the live look coming across the bay, heading away to the peninsula are the tail lights. and coming toward us, towards 880, increasing traffic coming off 101. the peninsula not showing any slow downs, so we show you 880 through oakland, an easy drive. earlier, lanes blocked for construction. that cleared up before 5:00, so the last half hour very pleasant, laura. we'll see changes as the rain, drift and drizzle comes in. and the 8:00 slow down expected, as well. >> that's right. at least it's dry now. thank you very much. actually, it being so dry is leading to a problem in arizona. a raging wildfire continues to
5:25 am
burn in eastern arizona. in fact, mandatory evacuations are in place for the small town of alpine due to the fast-moving fire. high winds and those dry conditions are fueling the blaze that's burning in rugged, steep terrain. the fire has charred over 60,000 acres in five days. it has zero containment. several hundred firefighters in multiple aircraft have been battling the wildfire from every direction they can. and, of course, ground crews continue throughout the night there. evacuations have also been ordered for the arizona border close to the new mexico line. having a tough go there. 5:25 now. a new report out this morning says the world is losing the war on drugs, and it's suggesting legalizing pot may be the way to go. the global commission on drug policy claims the war has not, cannot, and will not be won. the 19-member commission suggests that the government try to decriminalize the use of
5:26 am
drugs, such as marijuana, to undermine organized crime. they suggest putting an emphasis on reducing the consumption of drugs instead. there's a new national spelling bee champion this morning. >> c-y-m-o-t-r-i-c-h-o-u-s. [ cheers and applause ] >> good for her. she did it. pennsylvania 14-year-old sukana roi spelledcy cymotrichous, meaning having wavy hair. huge trophy. very nice. good for her. and she was spelling it out. and i also heard she studied the dictionary, read the dictionary twice, and knew all of the words.
5:27 am
good for her. well-deserved. 5:26 now. the investigation into the fire that killed a san francisco firefighter continues this morning. what experts think happened in the moments leading up to that deadly incident. and we find out what happened to jaycee dugard during herf o 18 yes ofaptivivity by this man and woman in antioch. live look outside the golden gate bridge this morning. big storm headed our way. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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good morning, i'm christie smith live at sf general hospital, where the san francisco fire department is mourning the loss of one firefighter, and pulling for another who is still in critical condition this morning. i just smoke with the battalion chief. we'll tell you what he had to say, coming up in a live report. and a live look behind the scenes. this is our own control room. of the heart of where it all happens.
5:30 am
it's friday, june 3rd, 2011. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you. this is "today in the bay." i get the easy job compared to those folks in there, hard workers. good morning, i'm laura garcia cannon. it is 5:29 right now. let's get started with a look at the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. you know, take a look at this live picture first before we get to your weather. this is what it looks like right now. a beautiful, live picture. you see we have some sunshine coming in. but that there is the leading edge of a very, very strong system of low pressure that is going to dump rain over the bay as we head through your saturday. i'll let you know what areas are going to get hid the hardest as we head through the next 48 hours and show you the system that will bring us rain saturday, sunday into monday. that's coming up in minutes, but it's 5:30. let's go to mike. >> no complications right now.
5:31 am
in fact, some of the construction has picked up because it is friday, a lot of folks getting away early, overnight shifts. they'll approach the bay bridge moving fine now. watching the bridge and the vicinity because of the low clouds coming through the area. now, southbound 101, the off-ramp, there is an accident, property damage only, no injuries. but this might affect you if you're heading toward the san francisco international airport. and flight delays may occur, as well. back to you, laura. a san francisco veteran fireman killed in the line of duty last night, and another firefighter is battling for his life this morning. they were overtaken by a wall of flames while fighting a blaze in the diamond heights neighborhood in san francisco yesterday. today in the bay's christie smith joins us live from san francisco with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you. well, this is a real draj tragedy for the entire san francisco fire department. not only are they grieving the loss of a firefighter that they all cared for very much, but some are here, and they are pulling for another firefighter
5:32 am
who is still in critical condition this morning. now, i just spoke with a battalion chief who says that you can imagine, this is very hard for them. that firefighter still in icu. he said he had not seen him this morning. but yesterday they stood by, heartbroken along with police and city leaders here in san francisco to say goodbye to lieutenant vincent perez. it was an emotional moment as the medical examiner took the body of the 48-year-old away. he was well-known and very well-liked. a san francisco native, also a marine, had been a deputy. but firefighting was his dream. perez and two others got into trouble in a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood, a flashover or sudden explosion happened. that left 53-year-old anthony valerio in critical condition, we're told, with burns to 12 percent of his body, and concerns about his lungs. battalion chief ed gonzalez just shared a few words moments ago
5:33 am
about the department. >> i think we're just, you know -- we're hanging in there, doing everything we can. it's on a holding pattern right now. >> reporter: he was very -- he was very brief, and clearly was having, you know, dealing with this tragedy. but he says that they certainly appreciate the support that they've gotten from across the city. a third firefighter, tracy courtney, was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns, and released. the reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie. this morning, investigators are still looking over the scene of that fire, trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. but they believe something called a flashover occurred. the bay area fire chief says it's something that can happen in seconds. menlo park fire chief says it's important for firefighters to read the smoke and conditions around them. he says a flashover is one where it reaches maximum ignition, and because it gets so hot,
5:34 am
everything in the room just bursts into flames. >> flashovers can reach anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 degrees, even at the floor. so for firefighters caught in something like that, it's going to be unsustainable. it's going to be typically significant injuries or even death. >> with major advances in fire safety gear, it's difficult to tell how hot it is getting. ask & when firefighters get deep into a fire, it could be too late. new this morning, a man accused of pointing a gun at oakland police officers is in custody after a manhunt that lasted most of the night. police say no one was injured in the shooting that happened at 67th avenue and bancroft streets around 8:00 last night. police say they shot at the suspect after he pulled out a gun and aimed it at an officer. the man managed to run away through nearby yards, but police found him just after midnight. well, for years, we have heard bits and pieces of jaycee dugard's story. what happened in that makeshift
5:35 am
shed, where she was imprisoned in an ante okay backyard, and how she was kidnapped and held for 18 years. we're finally learning the details. "today in the bay's" jody hernandez has the story. >> she wanted jaycee to know she is story. >> reporter: through their attorneys, nancy and phillip garrido expressed remorse for kidnapping 11-year-old jaycee dugard and holding her captive as a sex slave for some 18 years. >> she said, there's no way i can express that. i stole your life. and i'm responsible for it. and i don't blame anybody else but me. >> he did what he did today for her. you know, he entered this plea for her, so that she wouldn't have to go through a trial. >> you know, this guy is a -- is a hard-core sexual predator. >> reporter: and for the first time, we're learning just how vicious the couple was. in jaycee dugard's unsealed grand jury testimony, she describes how the garridos used a stun gun to kidnap her as she
5:36 am
was walking to catch the school bus. once in their car, she recalls hearing phillip garrido laughing, saying, i can't believe we got away with it. garrido later used that stun gun to keep the girl in line. threatening to zap her if she wasn't good. jaycee also describes how she was kept largely alone for her entire first year in captivity at the antioch compound. forced to have sex at least once a week. assaults garrido sometimes videotaped. as she grew older, she says she didn't try to escape, because she felt she was helping prevent something similar from happening to someone else. >> i think it's fair to say, a nightmare has come to an end. and that now it's her, her children, her mother, have to go about the business about getting on with the rest of their life. >> reporter: at the sentencing, jaycee's mother lashed out at the couple. she read a statement from the now 31-year-old, saying, "i hated every second of every day
5:37 am
of 18 years, because of you. and the sexual perversion you forced on me. i hope you have as many sleepless nights as i did." jaycee dugard's mother says the only thing that brings her satisfaction is knowing the garridoses will never, ever lay eyes on her daughter again. or on jaycee's two young girls. she told the garridos, the girls know their despicable secret, and there is no love lost. jaycee dugard and her family currently live in seclusion. jaycee is set to release a book about her ordeal next month. in placerville, i'm jody hernandez, "today in the bay." 5:37 now, and we're getting breaking news that the so-called doctor death, jack kevorkian has died. he was 83 years old, and he had been hospitalized for a couple of weeks. he was from michigan, originally. and he was the big assisted suicide advocate, assisting in reportedly more than 100
5:38 am
suicides of the elderly. so once again, jack kevorkian has died. we believe of natural causes, is what we're hearing now. 5:37 now. want to switch gears and talk about our forecast, because certainly a big storm coming in. a lot of people need to know about it. >> yeah, a lot of changes on the way. when you wake up tomorrow morning, if you aren't sleeping in at 5:37 a.m., it will likely be pouring outside your door. we've got a really juicy system of low pressure on the way. and right now, the leading edge is already pushing in. you can see these light showers. still about 50 miles off shore from the north bay. but on the way, i think they arrive around noon in the north bay and spread to the south after that, as we head through this afternoon, it could get active around here. but i think before the rain starts, it will get pretty windy. so mike and i, of course, are watching everything on the roadways for you this morning. we'll get you to work on time, safely, and tell you what's out there. right now, we've got this system of low pressure. it sits to our north. but take a look at how much moisture is associated with this system. we've got a lot of white, even the green here popping up,
5:39 am
showers already starting in the northern-most portion of the state. today, this is what we're expecting. low pressure continues to slide to the south. 's it does, it's p just off shore here, and then those rain bands will move in. it will stay stationary. and just pump rain mostly over the coast. saturday into sunday, even the first part of monday. we're going to break it down for you, help you plan your weekend. i'll let you know when the dry breaks are expected, coming up. right now, 5:39, get-away friday. >> the you're telling us when it's dry. we're going to look over here, less slowing. this is highway 4. even though it's get-away friday, we do have that slowing typical from l street over towards horizon. this is just a 5:39 now. no problems at hillcrest, where we see that 62. all the construction cleared from this area. no major slowing through the alt mont pass. the evenings, eastbound, actually, the afternoons, starting around 2:00, 3:00,
5:40 am
slowing, folks getting toward the central valley. rain coming through, as well. christie watching that. meanwhile, dry roads northbound with the headlights. southbound with the tail lights. and lighter volume heading into the south bay. the maps pick up the accident we're tracking on the side of 880, dixon landing road, no injuries reported, but you might have a tow truck arriving, might have to block the slow lane coming over 237. there is the peninsula. as well as the bay bridge. low clouds hovering around. changes to the morning commute as the weather changes, as well. >> all right. we know you're keeping taps. thank you very much. the man accused of beating giants' fan brian stow will be in court later this morning. we have a live report coming up. and the newest jobs report just released, minutes ago. a look at how the economy is recovering. coming up. plus, got the fever? justin bieber in town next week. but it's a private concert. we'll tell you for who. and how he's helping out a good
5:41 am
cause. we want to send you to the green lantern before it comes out.
5:42 am
5:43 am
7 nbcbayareamorningnews. jobs,azm( new numbers just we a05j!m. theseñ numbers "today in the tracie potts going over details. good morning. >> good morning. we just got these numbers within the last 15 minutes. the nation's unemployment rate ent it onlyí this is probably the b number that everyone will be talking about today.
5:44 am
only 54,000 jobs created in the month of may. it ended up only being a quarter of what we saw the month before. another number want to keep an eye on today is the number of private sector jobs that were created. in other words, not government hires, but what companies are actually doing on their own. that number, 83,000. it is the worst since last june. of course, we know that the unemployment rate in california is much higher than that. of it will be a few weeks before those local numbers are updated. but in general, this is being considered a pretty dismal report. laura? >> yeah, an overview.p%$'k you . today=htle be sent confront the man in killing former yale lab tech remain ray clark iii will likely be sentenced to 44 years in prison for beating and strangling lei back in september. clark pleaded guilty to murder
5:45 am
and attempted sexual charges in march. she was a graduate student who worked at the lab while clark cared for the lab mice and cleaned floors. there will be a vigil tonight for the east bay nursing student no disappeared a week ago. michelle lei's family will hold a candlelight vigil where her ae yesterday s.w.a.t. teams followed up on what they believe was a potential break in the case. hayward s.w.a.t. team searched the niles canyon area, where her cell phone last pinged saturday. a ping is where the phone communicates with a nearby cell tower. we're told nothing of significance was actually found. lei was last seen at kaiser hospital in hayward on friday night. bay" johnkle chance that the suspect accused in the brutal beating of giants' fan brian stow could get out of jail. "today in the bay" john klemac is outside the courthouse where he faces a patrol hearing. what's up? >> reporter: good morning. we're at the jail.
5:46 am
they're planning on having this hearing at the jail itself, not open to the public. as you said, it is possible that following this, this is a parole violation hearing. it's possible that giovanni ramirez could be let go. his attorney is saying, it's important to remember, he is accused in this and not officially charged. they don't believe the district attorney or even matter, has enough to charge hií that the little girl that giovanni ramirez was supposed to have been babysitting that night spoke with investigators, gave specifics about what they had for dinner that night, talked about friends of the family that had come to visit earlier in the day, and then the mother of the little girl, apparently a former girlfriend of ramirez, also claimed knows for a fact that ramirez is not even a sports fan, and it would surprise her he would even be near dodger stadium the day that brian stow was beaten. so today expecting to hear a
5:47 am
little bit more about this. and also keep in mind, he's already had two polygraph tests. the first one initiated by his attorneys, a voluntary polygraph test. then lapd also initiated one on their own. also, that information -- information from that not being released to the public, any % lapd saying they still insist ss the hearing expected at 8:30 this morning, laura. >> hey, john, are there any leads? they were looking for two other people, as well. who they believe is the person who drove the get-away car. and they say there was a report there was a small child with that group, as well. so still hoping more information comes in. billboards still posted around town. >> thank you very much. live from l.a. this accused
5:48 am
guns from police saying)3 lockers and selling them. today the contra costa district attorney's office will hold a news conference in what it calls a major development in the case, though they aren't saying what it is just yet. orning.ust yet. we'll celebritg localñ)gdrmati it comesin. perform' bene c in this. college track, working with local kids to help them college degrees.h.go.< 8:30 on ak fíqde th $250 and $1,5 will you know.
5:49 am
today -- for today's kids. and if you grew up in my era, we got nkotb on the "today" show right after this broadcast, so get excited. looking pretty good right now. clouds pushing in from the pacific ahead of a poet tent front. & a front arrives. syst is going to be our severe -- potential severe weathermaker. im could see flooding, gusty winds, frequent associated with some storms. of the state. these showers just developed off shore here in the past hour. and right now, see all those clouds that leading edge pushing into the by area toda anythingb the;tkt down, anythingb the;tkt down, we'll stay mostly dry, if it you have anything to take care of outdoors, left the windows down, take care of?[ the front som starting tonighteç asby>prday,
5:50 am
of(w at about 5:00 a.m., i think it will quite active. showers sunday morning, then thunderstorms, possibly some strong storms developing as we head through the latter portion of your sunday. this is what we're looking at. here's the front. we stopped the clock for you right at 12:00 yello we stopped the clock for you right at 12:00 yello and the rain continues all the way through your saturday. this is my concern as i stop it for you right at 5:00 a.m. you see these pockets of yellow. that's moderate rain expected in the south bay tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind when we step out of poteway, keep this thing running. rain continues all the way through saturday. we stop ityel the red.: thunderstorms are actually picking that up right on our future cast this morning. see the yellow, the red. this is what we're watching out for. startsb that's coming up. back to you, laura. >> run for we get a rainout maybe? giants back home to play the rockies, starts at 7:15. last sanchez.-nst hom cardinal.
5:51 am
rbis. jumping out of the park. three players, including home runs from freddie sanchez. his last home run in the top of the nine. giants beating ú 4:30 for a special edation of "nbc nightly news," and game two of in its entirety. details'i under our desk. and, of course, back on the air for your local news. 5:51. the morningting k etting pricier at one coffee chain. details next. >> and this is your view of the raindrop. we'll talk about the north bay
5:52 am
5:53 am
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. hey, getting to santa cruz is actually going ofe starting be sunday. highway willh%nu 7pi belexingtoe road between summit and the highway the3hbdng some ofe have. most of the work will actually be done overnight. the project, however, is expected to take up to 18 months. let's check the morning commute now with mike. >> we don't have to use those drainsslowin & highway 101 starts to & highway 101 starts to
5:55 am
ojroad,áx< a car int to show int to show slowing right now starting no major issues. southbound, off the roadway, dixon landing road, a car went into a fence earlythis. fóing 101íepion split.bruno, xwq ecebfj clear. sidenf%8 tht sof÷ulaeleofef e eleofefgcn pr but the northbound side at an sfo exit reported. so might delay you a couple seconds. no problems getting towards the er it watching as the rain comes in, the pack you. in ?very here's an eye-opener, mike. starbucks is raising the price
5:56 am
of the packageded coffee it tells in stores.
5:57 am
going to make the big journey home today. ed sali somehow8n:b2jpvf a microsali shel quicb ownerh hercñ% the go surprising buster would show up in salinas somehow. all thanks a microchip. employees at the salinas animal shelter quickly found buster's wasz5 )57,./ stuffi was missing. thought7 fronti even because it's rural, maybe a mountain lion got him. and so was thrilled beyond belief. >> for = , goingeais going to airlines flying him free. eleoftalk. fefcejfgefeo
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